Those of us building Voice Apps for Alexa and Google Assistant have naturally become evangelists and power users of the voice assistants and smart speakers.

Case in point, I don’t know anybody who knows more about How To Use Alexa than creator of Project Voice and CEO of Score Publishing, Bradley Metrock.

Bradley is the author of More Than Just Weather and Music – 200 ways to use Alexa.

He is also the host of “This Week In Voice” Podcast.

In this interview with our friend QuHarrison Terry of Inevitable/Human and Mark Cuban Companies, We talk about his affinity for Voice, Alexa, and why he chose Chattanooga, Tennessee to be the home for the number one event for Voice and AI in America.

Q and I joke about Bradley wanting to marry Alexa, but the truth is he’s an amazing leader in the voice space and his passion for voice continues to pave the way for millions of people to benefit from voice as a technology.

Q also asks me about my top Voice Predictions/Trends in 2020 and Bradley elaborates on Voice Branding.

Thanks for reading, watching and listening, and have a great day!


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