Voiceflow is an amazing no-code Voice Design tool, that allows Voice UI Designers like myself to author voice apps and deploy them to both Alexa and Google Assistant. However, sometimes, Google Assistant has other plans. 🙂

Recently, Google made some updates and it kind of ruined the process for uploading Voice apps to the Google Actions Console from Voiceflow.

The problem was not Voiceflow’s, rather, it was with (and still is with) Google’s Dialogflow program, and it specifically threw a quick error while following Voiceflow’s documentation for deploying a Google Action here.

Essentially, it would appear to work, all the way down to filling out all the directory information in the Actions Console, but there was no content to test. In essence, no Google Action made it’s way from Voiceflow to the Google Actions Console.

So, Nico, an amazing support tech and developer at Voiceflow, advised me of what to do, and in this video I show you the fix.

But as with many “fixes,” additional things break – case in point – my Path’s in all my Choice blocks disappeared.

Watch to see how I figured it all out and ended up successfully publishing “Hey Google, Talk To Wellthy Nutrition.”

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