I met Amazon's Jeff Blankenburg, Senior Developer Evangelist for Alexa, at Project Voice 2020 in Chattanooga, TN. He and I hit it off pretty hard core when he told a story about a realtor friend of his that monetized his business by building simple content-based Alexa Skills to help his clients learn about houses he was showing.


Jeff and I have since talked many times, mostly about how Small Businesses can build revenue streams on top of Alexa, using Skills.

We share a passion for using Alexa in a super practical way. He and I talk in this video about specific ideas for the following types of businesses to use Alexa to grow and be more efficient and effective.

How the following types of professions can build businesses on top of Alexa:

Lawyer / Accountant
Dentist / Primary Care Doctor
Blogger / Influencer
Restaurateur / Franchisee




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