The Voice Designer is a WordPress Plug-in that allows any WordPress website owner and content manager to easily create a custom Alexa Skill and Google Action directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Whether you're a WordPress novice, beginner, veteran content marketer or seasoned developer, all you need to have a presence on Alexa and Google Assistant is a WordPress website.

This video is a comprehensive tutorial on: why your business needs a voice app, why you should use The Voice Designer to build it, how to find, install and activate the plug-in, and how to design your voice app.

We also cover very in depth tutorials on how to write a full conversation for Alexa and Google Assistant using the content from your website, or writing your own content as you go.

Learn how to write what Alexa and Google asks your user, and responds to your user based on their response.

Learn how to test your Voice App on your Alexa or Google Assistant device before publishing live.

We also realize that there are voice design concepts that need to be taught in order to create a quality experience for your audience and customers. We cover these concepts in this video.

In less than 30 minutes, you can have a custom voice app for Alexa and Google Assistant that you manage from the backend of your WordPress Website.

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