What is Voice User Interface Design or VUI? It’s a new buzz word in the design world, and it has to do with thinking through and planning out the user experience related to a voice-based application, like an Alexa Skill, Google Home Action or a Chat bot of some kind.

While I suppose it could include AI (artificial intelligence), it actually really just can start with designing the experience behind a simple scripted conversation with the user.

A really nice software platform to build custom Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions (in Beta) without coding is Voiceflow.

Voiceflow has a great testing capability, where you can easily run through simulations and conversational scenarios to experience your Alexa Skill or Google Home Action before you publish it.

The Alexa Skills Developer Console also has a really cool testing feature. After you publish from Voiceflow to the Alexa Skills Developer Console, you can validate that it will work with Alexa by using your microphone and saying actual prompts, and hearing Alexa’s reply.

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