I asked Amazon Alexa Skills Marketing Employee #1 Dave Isbitski about Alexa Blueprints. What are they? Essentially they’re a way to use a free, visual dashboard to create your own Alexa Skill. This is something all businesses should be aware of.

What is an Alexa Blueprint?

Dave says “one of the things I’m most excited about that has been happening in the last 18 months or so are Alexa Blueprints.”

You can go to https://blueprints.amazon.com and create an Alexa Skill in minutes.

Blueprints is a visual tool for creating a Skill. Now you can share them and publish them to the Alexa Skills Store for anyone to download and use. This can be a great tool for brands and businesses to connect with customers.

So an Alexa Blueprint is a visual tool for creating an Alexa Skill. Brilliant.

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