In this Keynote at The Voice Event, Bradley Metrock discusses how Voice Tech (Alexa and Google Assistant) and Conversational AI are changing the world.

Learn about things like "Alexa, what am I holding?" and more.

The Voice Event by Data Driven Design.

Bradley Metrock is CEO of Nashville-based Score Publishing, which helps creators find voice.

Metrock founded podcast network VoiceFirst.FM, hosts the popular show This Week In Voice, published the audiobook Perspectives on Gender in #VoiceFirst Technology, produces the company’s series of VoiceFirst Events, and co-founded the industry association VoiceFirst.Community.

​Quoted by organizations as diverse as The Mayo Clinic to Forbes to Harvard Business Review, Metrock has been cited as a leading thought leader on voice-first technology and AI, speaking regularly on its profound impact on our world.

Metrock presented at Nashville Voice Conference 2019, “Healthcare and Voice,” attendees learned from experts in the product development and voice technology space, and gained practical knowledge to succeed in expanding the adoption of products and solutions to ultimately improve patient care.

Metrock is a leader in voice tech, having recently released his book “Amazon Alexa: More Than Just Weather and Music. 200 Ways To Use Alexa.”

Metrock is routinely engaged by conferences and events, large and small, to speak on how voice tech (more properly, voice-first technology) and AI are impacting our world. Some of these talks are global and high-concept in nature, while others have focused on specific industry verticals or sectors, as the emergence of voice is impacting each and every business and organization in existence.

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