One question I've been asked very often since the first ever Nashville Voice Conference on July 31, 2019 is - how do I reserve my voice app's opening phrase on Google?

The technical way to ask this would be "how do I create an opening invocation on Google Actions?"

But that's not exactly what these people are asking. They're business owners, so they're semi-interested in getting their brand name as an opening invocation, but rather far more interested in reserving a valuable keyword as their opening invocation.

This is something that business owners see as a "voice domain name" on Google Assistant.

Makes sense when you think about it.

If I can have my Google Action start when someone says "Hey Google, let's talk digital marketing" I can in theory drive more brand awareness for Data Driven Design by "dominating" this phrase in voice search.

This is called "Google Action Whitelabeling" and this video shows you how to do it.

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