What is a Google Action? A Google Action is a way to make Google Assistant smarter. It’s something you can search and add to your Google Assistant App, Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Hub and more. As a user, you can just ask Google for information, similar to the way you can ask Amazon’s Alexa via Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show and any other Alexa Enabled Devices.

A Google Action is a voice-based application, just like an Alexa Skill. As a developer / digital agency, we can create these voice based apps to help businesses build a presence on Alexa and “dominate” search on Google Home.

The data is showing that more and more users are getting their information from voice assistants and smart speakers, meaning we’re leading the charge and getting businesses there.

In this Data Driven Daily Tip, I demonstrate how to take a voice-based app that has already been published as an Alexa Skill, and submit / publish it to the Google Actions Console using Voiceflow, so it can be added on Google Assistant, Google Home and Google Hub users.


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