This video  / podcast / Alexa Flash Briefing  with my guy Will Acuff, co-founder of Corner To Corner, is a perfect example of how Small Business Owners and Marketers need to be creating multiple pieces of content out of one simple business conversation.

In this 23 minute video clip, you can see that the following pieces of content are being created by Will and I.

1. a blog for me
2. a vlog for me
3. a podcast for me
4. an Alexa Flash Briefing for Will

(none of the above using anything other than a laptop computer)

5. a podcast for Will
6. a blog for Will
7. a vlog for Will
8. a promotional video for Will

All small business owners stuck on what to talk about or how to create content for your business, take a page out of Will’s book. Just jump on a Zoom Conference with another business owner you respect, and record it. 🙂

Thanks for reading, watching and listening, and have a great day!


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