As the world of voice apps continuously changes, one of the latest ways you’ll want to consider garnering awareness for your business is to build what’s called a “How To Video Action” on Google Assistant.

This is a voice-activated way that users can bring up VIDEO content on their devices, like Google Hub, and phones with the Google Assistant app loaded on it.

Picture your audience at home or their offices with a Google Hub (device with a screen) and them needing to know how to do something (how to build a holiday wreath, or how to fix their hot water heater).

They can say “Hey Google, open home improvement tips” for example, and your businesses’ How To Video can appear.

This video shows you a step by step process of not only how to build these voice-based applications, called Google Actions, but also how to name them so they’re most likely to be found organically via an “opening invocation.”

This process has recently been referred to by Google Actions marketers as “whitelabeling.”

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

1. A Google Account.

2. YouTube video content that you’ve created for your brand, of the “How To (do something)” variety.

3. A desire to reach your target audience in new ways that the data is showing you should (i.e.,, voice-based multimodal apps).

The step-by-step process is outlined here by Google, but my video walks you through a real life scenario that is very helpful.

Thanks for reading, watching and listening, and have a great day!


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