There are basically four main ways that I build Voice Apps (Alexa Skills and Google Actions).

1. Amazon Alexa Blueprints and Google Action Templates – these are pre-built Voice Apps that allow content marketers and developers to change and customize the content in the flow. These can include some cool functionality though, such as Business Onboarding Guides, Games and Quizzes.

2. The Voice Designer – allows you to download a WordPress plug-in that content marketers and business owners can use to build and deploy Alexa Skills and Google Actions directly from their WordPress dashboard. This is an amazing tool, and easy to use, allowing businesses to build a Voice presence that is in alignment with the content on their website.

3. Engage By Voice – is a product that follows the “template” concept, but allows businesses to engage with their audiences via functionality such as voice-based SMS messaging, voice-based user surveys, email sign-ups via voice and even a Net Promoter Score survey. These templates are pre-built yet easy to customize.

4. Voiceflow – Allows you to build custom voice apps for Alexa and Google using a block-based, drag and drop CMS system that includes Logic. Like and, Voiceflow requires no coding, but allows for coders and non-coders to collaborate within the same project, as well as deploy it to Alexa and Google at the same time. It also allows Voice App builders to create Video Skills using Alexa Presentation Language (APL), developers to layer in outside API integrations, content marketers to replace Alexa’s voice with audio files, and more.

For this blog, I’m focusing on #1, using Amazon Alexa Blueprints to build an Alexa Skill. My 10-year old son asked me the other day if we could build an Alexa Skill together.

It was like 15 minutes from his bed time, but I was like, “sure, we can use blueprints!” We found one called “Santa Letter,” and away we went. This video shows the process!

Thanks for reading, watching and listening, and have a great day!


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