Seems like a weird concept, right? But honestly, the data says that we're only about 1-2 years away from people expecting to be able to listen to content from websites on Alexa while driving.

This means, Alexa Skills Are The New Websites. Today, Data Driven Design is building Voice Based versions of content on websites, using Voice User Interface Design to create an engaging conversation with the audience.

Your business needs to think about doing this. The way people do business has changed. When I presented this session at Nashville Voice Conference, there was literally the mother of a newborn baby in the session as an attendee, and the baby was with her, folks!

This is the perfect example of the fact that the way people will need to consume information will continue to change rapidly. The days of getting a screen out and scrolling will be annoying compared to simply being able to say "Alexa, open XYZ Website," or "Hey Google, Tell me about XYZ website."

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