What is Alexa For Business? It's not a phrase I'm using to try to encourage businesses to use Alexa, it's an actual service offering from Amazon. Similarly to the way that IT departments have managed company-issued computers and mobile devices, organizations can now distribute and manage company-issued Alexa-enabled devices as well as create Private Alexa Skills.

This video walks you through how to set up Alexa For Business for your organization.

Things you need:

1. An AWS (Amazon Web Services) account
2. That's it.
3. If you want to deploy, manage Private Alexa Skills, you'll also need an Alexa Developer Account.

Things you can do with Alexa For Business include:

1. Manage Meeting Rooms
2. Have Alexa enabled devices on your desk
3. Ask private skills to read you information from the company intranet, conduct voice-enabled new employee trainings or sales trainings, or even just ask when a meeting room is available or "what building does Sally work in?"

Alexa for Business is all about making your organization more efficient and effective.

For more on voice-enabling applications and creating more productive employees, click here - https://aws.amazon.com/alexaforbusiness/

For more on using Alexa in meeting rooms, click here - https://aws.amazon.com/alexaforbusine...

For more on Alexa for Business Blueprints, click here - https://aws.amazon.com/alexaforbusine...

For more on Creating and Publishing Private Skills, click here - https://developer.amazon.com/docs/ale...

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