This vlog is straight up behind the scenes content from my VIP Business Dinner with Gary Vaynerchuk the night before VoiceCon. I had a special opportunity to join him and about 20 other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Here we talk about the wine business (he alludes to his secret wine project – he’s starting a direct to consumer Gary Vee wine brand), Alexa Skills for B2B, “How the Sausage is Made,” why VayerMedia almost didn’t happen, how wine gets priced, the fact that there’s different laws for Wineries vs. Wine Stores, how to use “What’s App Stories” for business marketing, how to get a Facebook Watch tab and if it’s important to think about now.

Most importantly, he talks about what consumers are ready for now in the Voice space, how to “play” and “taste” and be ready 36 months from now when the masses are using the products more.

But my favorite part of the whole conversation is when he elaborates on how he grew his Fanbase via Facebook Video.

“Make the video of what you want to happen.” But bring value, not a sales pitch.

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