If you think a service-based business has no use for an Alexa Skill, you're crazy. For example, my company, Data Driven Design, builds websites, digital strategies and custom software.

We do so always based on data over opinions, thus, when a client launches a new website with us, we want it to be as easy and frictionless as possible for them to understand their web data.

Logging into Google Analytics and navigating the dashboard has gotten better, but is still a pain in the butt to most marketers. I know from experience.

Which is why we've made it possible to just ask an Alexa enabled device "Alexa, Ask Data Driven Design how my web traffic is doing" and save time while learning...

“Alexa, ask Data Driven Design how my web traffic looks”

“Alexa, ask Data Driven Design what my bounce rate is”

“Alexa, ask Data Driven Design where most of my web traffic is coming from”

“Alexa, ask Data Driven Design what are my top viewed pages”

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